Retail in motion.

EK is a company in motion that adapts to changes in times, markets and consumer habits and is determined to be one of the leading European retail groups.

We aspire to be a cosmopolitan market leader that anticipates and actively shapes developments in a globalized world. We are an experienced value generator that not only supplies its dealers in large parts of Europe with products, concepts and knowledge, but one that develops them and itself further together.

We want to be the retailer community that shapes the future of retail in Europe and be a safe haven for our retailers, partners, and employees. We will get there by continuing to grow our strong international presence, building on our current foundation. Through innovation, digitalization, better integration of our existing assets and smarter deployment of our people across borders, we will create economies of scale.

True to our legacy, we will also grow as a retail industry advocate, and represent our local retail partners with a strong voice.